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Eng Tat Polyethylene Co Since 1969

          Eng Tat Polyethylene Co is a family owned business founded in 1969 by our late Mr Koh Cho Phuan, and currently run by Mr Koh Kian Seng (2nd Gen). EngTat online which supplements Eng Tat Polyethylene Co, is started by Mr Michael Koh (3rd Gen).


          Although times were tough back then, Eng Tat have always kept their prices low for customers. They have stood by the concept of low margins more volume concept. Also by actively working with various manufacturing plants overseas, Eng Tat managed to secure the best price and quality for our customers.


We are an importer, exporter and wholesaler of packaging and disposable products in Singapore.

Offering a wide range of products like:


Polyethylene bags (PE)

Polypropylene bags (PP)

High density polyethylene bags (HD)

Sheet Tubings

Garbage bags

Singlet bags

Carrier bags

Made to order including multi color printing bags

Sealing Impluse Machine

We also do customisation on plastic bags too


We have a retail shop in Kallang to provide services for our customers who needs to purchase packaging or disposable items.


One of our values we have continue to upload is the sincerity we have for our customers. We are extremely meticulous about the quality of the products we sell as we believe in building a long term relationship with our clients.


Our related customers are mostly from distributor, wholesalers, household, offices and hawkers. We wish to integrate these values into our online site, allowing people to shop online with confidence just like shopping with a merchant with strong traditional value.


Shop with us, your packaging and disposable item specialist.

Traditional, Trustworthy, Convenient.



Our First Name Card

(The telephone number was only 5 digits!)

1974, Our shop at Rocher Road

1980, Our shop at Blanco Court

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